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What's in Store: The Future of Retail

November 08, 2019 00:00 AM UTC
- Updated February 18, 2020 15:02 PM UTC

Technologies are transforming the way we spend, save and move our money.

many years ago of Britain Famers, British professor in Israel Imperial University. In that for you, you fall out of favor. Still does. Well, doing a research project. Aye, aye algorithm. So analyzing the pixels on a screen can understand a game also operated later on the student on two, Kimberly's friend created a company which we call one of the fuel British company Unicorn Company. The student is who? Peter Lipka, Improper company. The first question, Peter, the 1st 1 you liked a lot. Peter. There's a media report headline. If all of us leave in a virtual world, maybe your company will be able to create the war at the same time yourself. Marshall, you want to create a matrix? It's the major. Accessing the fumes. You know, Peter Coyote. Charvis. This, like a seemingly crazy is this idea. What is that, Derek? I think we're already living in The Matrix right now. We just don't know it. No, but in all seriousness, Improbable Believes in a future where we all live in multiple worlds at the same time, with most of them being virtual world. And obviously the physical world we live in today not this kind of scary future That matrix portrays way believe these new worlds are gonna be a vital to us and we're gonna bring a lot of meaning and we're gonna enjoy our existence in them on so formal aside, re believe that kind of way. Believe that the world will come from a variety of places way they come from social media, for example. People already live and breathe social media. They interact within these wells. They make money from these welds on thehe other what place that they're gonna come from his game Wave games will become the basis off these new virtual What? Well, there's a great statistic that earlier this year they made a survey for kids that played for over 1/3 of them. Found that fortnight is more important to them than many parts of the real world In China, over 50% of gamers say that gains let them interact with their family, become closer to their family and their friends to create these kinds of online experiences Very key to have innovation. So we've created a product. Special web allows them to create new types of innovation on the risk, the experimentation with innovation to create these very great experiences that really helped them and make that enjoy the life more. Okay, Thanks, Peter, with Peter, give us a very smart answer. He was talking even though we don't have to care. What kind of war is that? What you are? Not many of us today already leaving. I'm braising in this war also in the games. The question for Mr Young, China's ah gaming market, you know, is very unique. Very few gaming companies actually capture half of the market. Are you? Haven't will be the A share the top two company leading off artists and all the other companies. How do you define that? Gave me industries content creation, games content Curation actually content and grooves many air by his future is toe become orm or elegant? Writing all the biggest market share You feel like talking about games resistance fighting on the PC Also mobile games. But if you look at the smartphone proliferation by starting in 2012 but it's now become or more popular at the very beginning here, there's the lack health products in the market. Whatever games you along, there will be many people coming over and play that So our pursuit or quality demand on quality thought I hire, we want just wantto quickly false allows new, productive on to capture the market share. But today that when the population dividend is the superior, so become more and more customers become fewer and fewer. But how come we capture meaningful customer? You have to come up with very food. College games neither, but are in constant actually in cool the artistic quality off the games on the conference. You want outlook that the approach of gaming, whether it's the game, is a small so not on experiences you can provide to the customers of player you want to do well in all this aspect, the input into this game, cars and cycle will be very, very high at the very beginning, to trick us only six months to come up with a game in reverse order. But all we found you may take 1 to 2 years or even three years. So the development cycle is longer, Barris higher and higher. You want to do a good content game. This is why this is what we see today. Why the barriers higher and higher the competent would you wear well before the company's accumulated human Thailand's of funding? They have the resources to have the time to come up with better games, but with smaller companies or start ups, you know they lack resources, so the game to produce quality will be lower. Compare it with the big wife. However, in a market that market only recognize the best ones. This is why, in the process of double oven of industry, gradually it will have this situation more bell games, market My look at that, their situation will continual. The future of the country will be better and better quality. Five. G technology The thought of speed of preservation cloud computing cetera later. All the technical changes will enable your games to become or more excellent the image quality better and better transportation farther and faster. Onda Bigger, bigger you, Michael Society pick aside hundreds or thousands online the same time or 100 people fighting each other. This type of game will be there, but some new devices from PC to the mobile terminal. The carriers are changing a Are we our equipment on the merge? It's not being very Republican, but still they Are you merging for new startup they applied for a new company mean represent an opportunity because on this platform for many traditional existing, uh, gaming players, you know they may have different experiences. This may represent a new study, important. Even though you have accumulated a lot of the resources, we'll start off the challenge of fame. This might be a challenge for a smaller one. So human talents and motion devices will be, well, be that important. Okay, we'll have for the question feel later. Questions for Mr To at the investor We've been fighting where hard have a your own set of strategies like a tribal. Our strategy, Why you select area you. We go all out within 23 months to find all the investment opportunity to see the good window problems. Why you succeeded coverage in him. Elijah on other new platforms after that gave me industry, you know, uh, Unicorn Company or the appeal. So I just training media industry Do think there will be a next wrong opportunity. New opportunities, new opportunities will be lived. There would be money. So regret. Sorry we missed, you know, working with your company. Actually, two years ago, we have a main soon the next generation entertainment platform. We believe him. Elijah content or games in the tree. The all digital realization will bring about a new enhancement off opportunity, the interaction with the people in machine, on people to people interaction or even further. We want to find out people in the game how they can't being interact with the human. You re award. We want to find such a magnetism to do that. So in the process of 30 of all of this, we Miss Peters Company. But we still believe going forward all the entertainment content will beam or interactive. We'll have more UTC So may I mean I agree with Mr Yeah, all the games will be more cool, more more cool and big, larger and larger. Maybe your platform provide opportunity. The smaller, wise great in a bigger war, a small gaming war. But when the date monopolized the big award, but nobody what? There will be many new opportunity of many different ways of playing this games. The one pays off. These are interaction my name nongaming players in the future or no normal countem participant in the process, they will participate or somebody degree a literary translations. Chinese online, normal readers, you know, actually are very popular. Kind of, you know, is happening. It's more more popular going forward money, entertainment on other things, player, the participants can become a organic part off this whole thing. I changed the road map, but there's another way of saying we want to focus. The validation is drunk are stronger, closer closer communication between people close circle with be tried and everything. So the school made, you know, have to see that they can't get together on the neck. So people feeling lonely is a major problem like in Japan. Loneliness for we pay a lot of attention toe people in the game communication with people in real life. Well, it will pay special attention. So the next generation off Ah, situation what kind of changes? So, actually, this is something we think will happen in the next years. So basically, Mr Young believes, uh, Mr Yeah, I'm Peter. Give us their specific idea. So if your platform, like people, Google and Angel can be more open providing a ecosystem with Ally as Angel and the soul of a gaming company in Jungle Kind Piquet the global competitors, so we should be more open on the affair for people to compete, The video's other MR told Mason Hey, say, reminds me of a destructive platform product Special West Off your company. Your mention if you use financial industry frequent are trading, uh, mechanism into the Caymans. Arrest special West technology, Create many new values. Maybe it can surely what kind of a new murder will you were talking about? Hide a lot of people that were outside the games industry, from Google to Amazon to Goldman Sachs on way set up to create the ability to create these new, huge virtual worlds on that people were talking about here today. However, you very soon realized that games already a very risky endeavor. Often they cost hundreds of millions on. So, you know, Mr Yang mentions looking more and more expensive and take longer and longer on so realize. Actually, the key is about reducing risk, reducing time to market on actually incremental innovation. Let them do what they already do. Very, very well building call of duty 16 or 17 I think on this year let them do that little bit extra that little bit more, more interesting I or more interesting on kind of a simulation or more people on, let them incrementally innovate rather than jump straight into these large natural world. So that's why we created Special to enable them to reduce that risk off game development, create a experimentation off innovation on defectively. Make better and more compelling games in China were quite lucky because now partnered with Netease really believe this. You know their investors well in building games on top of our technology as well as a 10 cent cloud as well who are building the creating the kind of fundamental infrastructure which we can run on the cloud infrastructure. So that's the value that we bring. Thio you did for 10 cents on their ease. They are so visionary, does that they have seen the value that can be created by your company. So for the existing other managers, Mr Young So we're not too you enlighten us. That's a big data. Well, have a big impact on give me development into me. Even changed our life cycle off game. You didn't write? Yes, you are very right there, Kirsty. The era or you the digital era Big data Yes, essential, including in the gaming industry. So we used the Big Data Analysis system. For example. We have collected a lot of data from existing games, various activities and the scenarios favor opposing aerials. So these kind off information connected will be very helpful for our future. Give me development. And when we are searching for customers and we need to find a market position howto target the right market position. We also depend our big data so that we can reach our rights kinds right customers as quickly as possible. So when it comes to our customer behavior, how long they stay with our game? We were used big data analyses in order to you prove it. So a big data helps us a lot. Now we would like to go deeper, a little bit of Peter, because we know that your focus is the game. And maybe in the future you will you will go be young to gain, for example. For example, a mining simulation. Ah, urban stimulation. We have a fire breaks out. You needed to do a simulation. So maybe the future there will be competition across factor competition and for off Otaka castle. So for how do you viewed Ah across a factor? Competition and the opportunities Gaming is in a very interesting space at the intersection off simulation visualization as well as human interaction. So there's definitely applications of something special that's outside of giving. You mentioned quite a few areas that we've already explored on a good picture. I like to paint it. Imagine large scale disaster recovery. What happens when, for example, in the earthquake happens in a place that you didn't predict before. You can try and predict what the impact would be on buildings and on infrastructure. How do you train thousands of first responders? The thousands of people help save lives on and save the environment that Rin via the Fire Department, the police department, the medical department, government officials they often don't work together. They don't know how to go on go toward a particular objective together. So how do you train them? If you created a virtual world where they could all interact with each other on a train for these kinds of scenarios, you can save lives and could save a lot of money on, so that's where we see our potential application areas on dhe. Some of the other businesses that do just a portion of it, either. Visualization simulation. They haven't put it all together, so we see way See potentially others as partners. Right? OK. Yes, I know. I told you that Peter Dion asked a question. Mr. Joe, what do you think off Peter of you? To think that that investors well, increase their evaluation off your value. Your valuation years? Yes. Not so solid. We wouldn't like to increase our value. For example, high resolution three dimensional map will be something that will consider Thank you. Thank you, Mr Joe. And, uh, Panelists on DDE. And why would Electoral conclude with a quote from Mr Joe In this world, we would like to create a species that people have never seen. These species will create a new world. Thank you.