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Siemens CEO on leading amid supply chain chaos

November 16, 2021 00:00 AM UTC
- Updated November 16, 2021 18:51 PM UTC

Barbara Humpton, Siemens CEO, shares what she feels is imperative for business leaders.

this is the imperative for leadership. Business leadership today, I was in Scotland last week and and the number one theme you hear coming out of this is governments will be able to articulate certain commitments and goals, but business is going to have to carry this across the line. So in the US with this investment in infrastructure right now, I believe we have to be holding these multiple goals in mind at once. Yes, we want to build and we want it more sustainable and we want it more equitable. Can we spend every dollar with a focus on those factors seemingly contradictory in some cases, but that's our job, our job is to is to lead the way through that maze and it sounds like a job that must be a collaborative one where if it's really kind of in every company for itself ethos where competition and squashing the other, the other team is the only thing on your mind, you won't maybe we'll be able to reach some of these goals showing a little bit for our theme, but it is what it is meaningful, it's something that's come up in all of our, all of our panels, I think that's really true when we come to talking about managing supply chain. So, you know right now everyone is trying to place orders, build chips, there's some clearly weird things going on in terms of inventory and where that sits around the world and nobody, you know, if demand drops and the situation we're in at the moment isn't because there because there's a supply issue per se is because there's just so much demand and don't actually matter whether you're building chips in Taiwan or on the moon, there's a finite amount of capacity that is that is being over consumed at the moment. But you know, the nature of the industry is cyclical. It will probably slow down at some point if it slows down just the time when all this new capacity comes on, that's a bit of an issue and nobody wants to be kind of holding a lot of inventory somewhere.