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Most Powerful Women 2021: Jane Fraser

October 04, 2021 09:30 AM UTC

The CEO of Citi broke a glass ceiling when she became the first woman to run a major Wall Street bank.

oh one of our leaders on the trading floor. She was saying that she had told her young daughter that you know mommy's company who was now going to be a mummy boss. Um and doctor asking you know, can I be a mummy boss one day? And she said, oh yes he had, yeah, yeah. Mhm jeanne fraser is number two on our list this year and she really stands out for having been the first woman to crack the Wall street glass ceiling. She's the first woman to run a major U. S. Bank as the ceo of city. She stepped into the job at a time when the bank is lagging its competitors. But she has already launched the first stages of a turnaround there. And she's also really notable in Wall Street, especially right now, as far as how she's approaching uh employee work life balance, the return to the office. She's doing hybrid work, they're doing no zoom meetings on friday. So it's really interesting to watch the ceo of a major bank take a slightly different approach, a little bit more of an employee forward approach.