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Insights: Why Ginni Rometty Doesn't Focus on Competitors

September 18, 2014 00:00 AM UTC
- Updated May 01, 2020 19:59 PM UTC

Define yourself by clients' needs. (September 2014)

Look, I think that it's actually not a company that keeps me up at night, because I believe the other thing is never define yourself by competitors. You define yourself by what your clients either want or what you believe they'll need for the future. So define yourself by your client, not your competitor. And therefore, what keeps me up at night is speed, speed of transformation, continuing to move to that future. And therefore, it's always around, do this faster, get a view, test it, try it, move it, and make bold moves, which to our discussion, bold moves, whether it had been around Watson, whether it had been around cloud, whether it been around the expansion, or partnership with Apple, or whether it's all around the announcement of a new platform of hardware that's built for data and cloud, those are the things you just want to keep moving forward, forward. If you ask me one question about, so what is your business model? Our business model is always about shifting to higher value for clients and thus for ourselves. And that's what I know our shareholders expect for the long-term.