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Insights: According to Microsoft, a 'quantum economy is coming.'

July 15, 2019 00:00 AM UTC
- Updated May 05, 2020 14:46 PM UTC

Quantum computing is expected to revolution business, but is the workforce ready?

[MUSIC PLAYING] KRYSTA SVORE: Both of us are working in our communities and the broader community to help educate people around what are the skills needed to enter this workforce. You know, after all, this is going to open up what we think of as an entirely new economy, right? A quantum economy is coming. And we need to prepare for that. We need to prepare for that by training our workforce. And that's part of the reason for open sourcing the QDK and for encouraging the use of Q#. We also have a series of exercises to make it easy to learn Q# called the Quantum Katas. And with all of these initiatives and these efforts, we're hoping that more people can engage around quantum computing. And you know, with that we can train a workforce that will be ready, right? Quantum software engineers, quantum developers. We also need cryogenic engineers, material scientists, right? We need people that can enter the field at all layers of this quantum computing stack. And right now, we are not in the position to have all of those people. We can't fill those roles because there are not enough people educated in this space. And luckily, you know, recently, in late 2018, the United States government passed the National Quantum Initiative Act, which brings over a billion dollars to quantum information science and quantum computing, to invest in research centers, workforce development, workforce training so that we're ready for this quantum economy and the quantum revolution.