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Fortune Creator 25: Humphrey Yang

October 07, 2021 00:00 AM UTC
- Updated October 07, 2021 21:05 PM UTC

A personal finance content creator aiming to educate you.

but my name is Humphrey Yang and I make personal finance content on Youtube, tiktok and instagram reels and sometimes I even post a little twitter post interesting. So I've been making content since late 2019, I believe I have followers to talk 2.3 million Youtube, 220 k and instagram around 360 k. I've made about 600 posts on Tiktok. I believe maybe even more on Youtube. I've made over 100 videos, I think it's at 1 20 on instagram reels, I think I have 35 or 40 videos or something like that. In the beginning, I made videos based on whatever my friends would ask me in real life in terms of personal financial questions. I just made a video to answer those commonly asked questions. Now these days I try to get information from the community and ask them basically, hey, what kind of videos you want to see, what kind of personal finding topics are most pressing right now to you and try to make a video, basically breaking down those personal financial concepts. And so for example, something like what's the difference between a Roth Ira and a traditional Iraq, the hardest part of my journey is probably just staying consistent, making sure I consistently innovate. Um, you know, sometimes I've seen plateaus of growth and so I want to make sure that I'm always innovating and trying different things and getting better at youtube or take talk or whatever it may be. I think there are three that come to mind, they're all really large. Youtubers number one is M. K. Bhd. I really like his tech, non biased tech reviews and also he's always investing in the quality of his videos and he kind of speaks to you in a really down to earth manner. So MK BhD or marquez Brownlee is probably my number one favorite. Youtuber. Number two is probably Casey night set. That's kind of when I fell in love with YouTube back in 2014, I would watch his daily blog a lot. I learned a lot about cinematic sequences with him and I just really admired his work, his worth, work ethic. Um and lastly Mr beef just because he's mr beef, He's crazy. Uh he's the definition of someone who lives and breathes Youtube. Thanks. I definitely love the rapid feedback and the willingness to learn from the community that I serve. I think that, you know, whenever I put out a video, I get tons of insightful questions, they really challenged me to get better as someone who understands finance and hopefully that way, if I'm getting better, then the information that I'm relaying, it's better and hopefully that means it has more of an impact on everybody else's life. Mm