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Change the World 2021: Vaccine Makers

October 11, 2021 09:30 AM UTC

This year’s list focuses on the access and equitable distribution of vaccines.

one thing that's interesting about this year's list as we have the same honoree in the number one slot. And that's the vaccine makers. But what's different this year is that we've focused on the issue of access and equitable distribution of vaccines. And some companies have been really good at that, including astrazeneca, including johnson and johnson. Even in the clinical trial program that we started that we went not only to the United States but to africa where a very significant proportion of our clinical trial participants resided. We went to latin America, particularly brazil. Those also happen to be the places were some of the most virulent, some of the most pernicious uh mutations and variants were occurring at that particular point in time until we are able to manage this on a global basis. Uh We're not safe and we won't get lives back to normal. Hence all the more important to have a global option against covid 19. We tried to find the vaccine almost in every country at the same time. Typically we file in your hop in the U. S. And Japan for new medicine. And then and then we file elsewhere month or two later and here we tried to file almost everywhere at the same time. So it's a big effort to make sure we can bring this vaccine. It's no profit to as many people as possible around the world. The pandemic is still very much with us And that's what's really changed the course of the pandemic and is changing the course of the pandemic is how quickly these companies managed to develop a new technology distributed around the world, is making a major difference for the health of people everywhere. Yeah. Mhm. Mhm.