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Change the World 2021: Hello Tractor

October 11, 2021 00:00 AM UTC
- Updated October 11, 2021 09:30 AM UTC

Jehiel Oliver, Hello Tractor CEO, outlines the company’s goals, services and impact.

Hello tractor is agricultural technology company that connects smallholder farmers with farm equipment owners with excess capacity using a suite of technologies including IOT, the digital marketplace, you can think of it like Uber for tractors, many of these equipment owners don't realize that the excess capacity of their equipment is worth a lot of money in the market. So we facilitate the exchange of farm equipment owners to have excess capacity with farmers willing and able to pay for those services. Donald Tractor has been in operation since 2014, were now operating In 13 countries across up here in Africa. We very recently moved into Asia, were operating in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Thailand and very recently started working Jamaica in Guatemala. So there's a ton of demand, but we're only scratching the surface uh in Africa alone, there's over a half billion smallholder farmers in many of these services and it's terrible equipment. So our goal is to fill that gap and ensure that all farmers have accidents to affirm affordable farm equipment service. There's a tremendous amount of planning and strategy that goes into equipment fleet management at the beginning of every season, each of our tractor owners is given a route that covers the entire year, so they know in whichever country they operate is exactly which communities will be services within each community. We fully booked that tractor and optimize the route to minimize the fuel and carbon footprint as that tractor is moving from plot to plot, there's a lot of pre planning that goes on to ensure the tractor is fully booked optimized with the reduced carbon footprint. I think the biggest accomplishment for Hello tractor has been reaching incredibly deep into a difficult market and reaching populations of people that generally don't get supported by commercial market. So if you look at the customers on the farmer side of our marketplace, 93% of these customers are living at or below the poverty line and reported an increase in income by accessing our service. That huge. Hello tractor really hits that sweet spot where we can take care of the commercial contracts of of our safe holders while driving impact across the last month.