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CEOs Predict the 2020s

December 13, 2019 00:00 AM UTC
- Updated April 28, 2020 20:12 PM UTC

Advances in technology, world health, personalized medicine, and income equality are some of the ideas and hopes for the next ten years.

we're entering into a new decade. What do you see as the next big idea for the next decade? The next big idea And it is a big is that technology is going to allow us forget about the restraints of time. There are many changes that are happening, and I think the next big idea is going to be five or six of these changes together. Connected everything. So your health, your work, your office, your car, your data all will come together in the same place so you can use it. Weathers, Hyperloop, speedier planes, autonomous vehicles and the technology. Artificial intelligence is just gonna allow us to be ableto have inventory in tow. Have product much quicker than we ever have before. I change. They are. And we are the fact that machines can understand language and understand images and emotions on five g. Bring all that together will make the ability to actually create a human somewhere in the world. Really time where actually there is no such the thing. We're not talking about his quantum computer. It allows for more access and more speed and everything that we do. It enables genetic sequencing and enables D N a. Testing faster and faster to help people think about reliving their lives in a much more healthier, more productive way. This is the decade were personalized. Nutrition will come to fruition in a very convenient way. You'll be able to tell what is your ideal food and drink for dinner based on what he had for lunch and breakfast. If you choose to follow it, there you are, one for all. Let's move away from the sea for sorry in medicine, in medical practice and let's think about population health. It is conceivable, but 2030 patients will have their own relationship with them that it'll have been designed for them for their disease. They'll be munching it themselves. It will be a very personal N equals one relationship that is unimaginable now and could be every day for 22. But I would like to see is a very substantial reduction in inequality of income across the planet. That's something we can tangibly do it Cos 10 years from now I'm hoping and putting all my efforts words that we're not talking about diversity because we believed equity across the world across the board, and we don't have to focus or talk about it. I don't even think we can imagine what the potential is gonna be in 10 years from now. We just have to follow the technology and lead the way, and we're gonna be able to take care of our customers in ways that we never could have imagined before.