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CEO of Vaxxinity shares her thoughts on what the global vaccination approach should be

October 13, 2021 00:00 AM UTC
- Updated October 13, 2021 16:17 PM UTC

Mei Mei Hu: "Where there's a gap is, frankly, in choice."

I'm curious for your sort of broader perspective given what you brought up about the just the fact that we have seen global vaccine access be a huge problem in this pandemic and in solving this pandemic. Um do you feel like the larger established vaccine makers are doing enough or what should what should be approached B this is a global pandemic right? We're not going to get out of it by vaccinating a few. So I think everyone is doing their best and that's actually the perspective I take into it. Um I think that where there's a gap is frankly in choice. I mean you just look at the U. S. Right? You have in general there's an anti vax population but it's actually very small in the U. S. Um but for COVID vaccines it's you know we have about 40% almost that are not fully vaccinated. And so where's that coming from? Um and I think one of it is is uh you know we need more choice and the other one is we need to have a respectful conversation that understands what people's concerns are. And so we hope to be able to facilitate that conversation. Um and to offer more choice frankly more choice in terms of having more products available, more types of vaccines or other types of choice. Yeah. Just choice in terms of different technologies, different platforms, everything's got its uh pluses and minuses. Um but but really you know there's some people that are afraid of certain technologies and so offering choice is important