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Brainstorm Health 2019: A Special Performance and Interview with Darrius Simmons

April 02, 2019 00:00 AM UTC
- Updated February 18, 2020 13:35 PM UTC

Watch eighteen-year-old Darrius Simmons, born with three fingers on his right hand and just one on his left, perform an original composition for the Brainstorm Health attendees, and discuss overcoming obstacles with Arianna Huffington.

please welcome Dario Semen. Everybody doing tonight? That good? I'm good. Um, I'm glad to have opportunity to come out and play for this event. I wrote this song that I made. Dreams are forever about sometime last year. I've worked on it for a couple months because just put in the song together. It got bugger running, mate. We'll talk about it. So, um, I'm just having him able to share what you got. So you got enjoy. Wait, wait. You are truly an inspiration to all of us here and to everyone in the world who thinks they have an obstacle to big to overcome. You know that. I'm sure. So all of us want to know. How did you do it? How did you learn to play with three fingers in one end and one finger in the other practice? I practice a lot. Just e. I mean, because it's difficult. OK, so if you get a piano teacher, right, E nine times out of 10 he got fingers, like, nine times out of it. Well, uh, you like it's kind of hard for somebody to teach you, because then they got to go from what they but learning for like 20 years and flipped the whole script and be like, well, dirty. So I just have been complicated, so I never really, um, tried to take the lessons. I just I always did it by myself. So I have a message to all of us. Did you ever get discouraged? Like when we get this carriage? Can you tell us what you did when you got discouraged? No, I never got the skirt because I feel like you. That's amazing. I feel like when you get scared, that's when you feel when you get the stars and when you stop, do you only compare when you stop doing something, You only could succeed when you keep drawing? Maybe way really wanted you to be here tonight, not just because you're an amazing pianist and an inspiration to all of us, but because this conference is about the combination off data and humanity, and we all talk a lot about data and a I and the amazing innovations possible by machine learning. But you are demonstrating the power of our hearts and our souls and of music. So that's my last question, because everybody's hungry. When did you fall in love with music And what does music mean to you? I feel a new unlevel music at a young age because I just felt you could tell a story to music as I'm trying to do. Or you could just pull your emotions into music. Music, to me is everything I feel like if the world didn't have music Ah, lot of things would be going on like I just like music is just overall way to express yourself when you don't have the words for it. So, Darius, you fell in love with music. We fell in love with you tonight. Thank you so much. And I also want to send your grandfather and James Williams sweets with us in the audience. Thank you both. So