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Amazon unveils 'Astro' the household robot

September 28, 2021 00:00 AM UTC
- Updated September 28, 2021 18:53 PM UTC

Astro will use sensors to map out and drive around your home.

A robot? Yes. What are we going to do with a robot? Well, Astro. Follow me. How? I I miss you too. Hey, you got the toy. I love it. Follow me. Cool. All right. Come on. I told you I turned it off and now I totally believe you. Uh huh. Thanks. Message from steve. Remember to eat something green today, dad. Mhm. Check. Yeah. Okay. And Okay. Astro. Let's dance. Yeah. I thought we weren't home. Huh? Wrong. Good. Try, though. What? Thank you. All right. Oh man. Thank you.