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Airbnb CEO: Travel will have the biggest rebound the industry has seen

June 09, 2021 01:00 AM UTC
- Updated June 29, 2021 17:41 PM UTC

Brian Chesky says the way we travel will be different.

for those who haven't heard you talk about this yet, Can you just very quickly in a nutshell, share what your view is right now of travel and where we're heading in the next year. Yeah, I would say a year ago people thought travel would take him for a long road to recover. I think though sometimes in life you value things when they're taken away from you and you want them even more travels. Probably that. And so what we think is going to happen is probably have the biggest travel rebound this industry has ever seen in a century, probably the last 100 years. And the reason why is people just desperately want to connect again. They want to go places connect, but the way they're traveling is changing. So not only is travel back, it's going to be different than before, the pandemic. And it's really three things. Number one people are traveling. Um, you know, really they're more flexible so they're traveling any time. They don't always have to be back to the office. They're saying, I might want to go in july august september. The second thing is people are willing to go anywhere. It used to be, people went to London paris room now they're going everywhere. And the final thing is that people are traveling and staying longer. About a quarter of our business by nights booked are actually monthly stays. So this actually means people aren't just traveling Airbnb, they're now living in Airbnb. So the short answer is travels can be back bigger than before, but totally different than we've ever seen it before.