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A Conversation With China's Chief Planner Of Natural Resources

September 05, 2019 00:00 AM UTC
- Updated February 18, 2020 13:43 PM UTC

Zhuang Shaoqin joins Fortune’s 2019 Global Sustainability Forum.

ministers wrong. First of all, thank you for being with us. We're honored to have you here. I come from the United States, where national planning sometimes seems like it doesn't extend beyond the next presidential tweet. So I am amazed. Toe, I have been in conversations over the last 24 hours about the deep detail of planning that the Chinese government undertakes. I wonder if you could talk a little bit about that process and tell us, for starters what your top priorities are as the chief planner of the Ministry of Natural Resources. Okay, What? Don't. For me, the most important job is to develop a planning system for the national land space. As you know, last year, the Chinese government organized the Ministry of National Resources on decided that the planning of our land space will be part of our responsibility. You made this year, the CPC Central Government issued document number 18 which require the development for a land space planning system on put it into implementation. This is my top priority. And can you talk about how sustainable development, which is the issue we've been talking about here for the last two days? Figures into your land space planning process. Ah, the Organization of Ministry of Natural Resources uh identified the international document is to develop a ecological civilization constitutes a primary task for the perpetual development of the tiny nation. So development of a land space planning as part of our responsibility also means about in doing such planning, we have to bear in mind sustainable development as the most fundamental principle. How to promote sustainable development through this planning, I think Wait, I would like to make the following points first. Well, China hunters into the new era is Natalie. Since the 18 National Poppy Congress, ecological civilization has become an important part of our overall plan E, which are closely linked to sustainable development that is sustainable, economical, social and environmental development. The five in one over your patent covers balanced development of the economy, society, ecology, culture and politics. You may have noticed for sustainable development away stressed economy, society and environment. For the five, you won progress besides the three, we also stress Kotal on political practice progress. Furthermore, in the future of environment until we used the world equality or ecological civilization, so I think it is fair to say that the Barbie one progress is aligned with sustainable development, but with Chinese characteristics. Culturally, it focuses more on human beings on human beings, behaviors into himself, politics, waist dress, the significance of government. Wait, stress. Start for any system, we have to have a workable policies. Ways two boxes on so well, we produce a plan on the national land space. We will have to consider the five. The progress is that have to be achieved in five different areas which incorporated the concept of sustainable development. Second, so planning has to be future oriented. Otherwise, we have to have new development Kong zapped that is suited to future development. And we focus out five concepts of development. The first why is innovation, the purpose of which is to change the old model of scale based development, is that we must stress the Jola of sons on innovation Seconds. Development concept is coordination coordination across regions, including coordination between different interest groups. And the third comes out. It's green way cheese, very important. In my view, traditional industrial development has to a large extent needle actor. It is a question of natural resources and environment. Even some major economic theory didn't take environmental constraints as a condition in there analyses. But now we have to change that. We have to stress green development, which is revolutionary and which is a nasty matter that we have to prioritize in the planning process. We need Thio Identify a green. How of leave being way of leaving on grain production? Baltimore is opening off China firmly promote globalization. In our view, globalization mustn't be is reversible. So opening up openness is our ass. Back to that we have to consider in the planning on the fifth floor is sharing a development. Results must be shared on the development. Have to be joined by all the people. It is a proof of sharing, but that's a very good description, an abstract level of the planning process. I wonder if you could give us an example of how you because those air a lot of different concerns to be taking in into taking into account. At the same time, I wonder if you could give us an example, perhaps from your experience in Shanghai, on how the environment figured into the planning process. New fiddle with it. You mentioned my experience in Shanghai. I was quite fortunate about when I was working in Shanghai. I was part of the eh thoughts to organize the Shanghai 2035 Master Plan. That plan would actually formulated here. I could start off China's new year, uh, which therefore reflects the new development Kong zapped at the requirement of sustainable development and how the environment is off. Sustainable development fit in the planning. In the Shanghai experience, we identified three objectives. The 1st 1 is innovation driven development. In other words, economy economic growth is driven by innovation. The 2nd 1 is the culture or humanistic supporting other words way focus on the role of human beings and the quality of leading for all people under 3rd 1 is ecological support, which was in its narrow sense. In other words, the sun. Hi planning stressed the green development, so you can see that is also the economic Asato and thievery mental dimensions taken into account. There are also many indicators, including response to climate change, about diversity, urban security. Attach a in the planning process. Sean, Hi. Do a few bottom lines first. In other words, those life that you want must not go over in seeking sustainable development. For example, ecological redline. The ecological functions are sensitive. Zones have to be protected first in China. Another red line is the protection of basic farmland, which is related to food security even though shall hae a rather developed city in China. But eight has responsibility with regard to food security. Because close supply of foot can be part off green development and the 3rd 1 is a dynamic redline. For example, Shanghai is successful, the boto stifle attacks, so the city has to be revealing. Another regular guy is cultural protection. In our view, for needs of the people, there are material knees, they're also cultural knees. Whether we can carry on our history so that our people will identify with our history and our city is a challenge for us. John has identified those areas to protect. Well, they're saying that Shanghai, the city were the buildings for you. Other for you to read on the street are there for you to wonder and enjoy the culture and tradition. So these bottom lines are well critical. Your planning wrong. You clearly have a very complex tasks ahead of you. But thank you for taking some time today to be with us. Appreciate it