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Swimming - Men's 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay Victory CeremonySwimming - Men's 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay Victory Ceremony
Michael Phelps poses with his medal .David Gray — Reuters

Here’s Which U.S. Sports Get the Most Olympic Funding

The 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympic Games have been causing controversy for months. From the Zika threat, to contaminated waters, to protesting police, to the uninhabitable athlete village, this year’s event is surely one for the books. It’s the first one hosted in South America, for one, and it also features a refugee team representing misplaced people from around the world. The U.S. is sending 554 athletes, with one of them being 22-time medal winner Michael Phelps. He proudly holds the record for most medals won by a single Olympian. Our two youngest athletes are 16, and our two oldest are 52 (equestrian riders). To date, the U.S. has the most summer medals of any country. We’ve delved into these and other numbers from this year’s games below. Check out Rio by the numbers:

olympics-by-the-numbers (2)