The Luxury Holiday Gift Guide

November 18, 2015, 7:00 PM UTC
1954 Chevrolet Corvette
Photograph by Getty Images/Car Culture

Great picks for everyone on your list.

Market Editor: Chloe Lieske

Keep your favorite bike commuter in the fast lane with these luxe add-ons.

PUR.12.01.15.BIKE Photograph by Brian Henn

1. Velorbis Bike Accessories

Stylish, practical stuff: A foldable briefcase attaches easily to a bike; a rear rack holds whatever the day requires.

Briefcase: $202
Rack: $120

2. TiGr Lock

Dump the U-lock and slip on this slick titanium bow, available in three lengths for easy carrying or extra locking options.


3. Independent Fabrication Bicycle

For the ultimate, order a custom-built ride. This bike, with frame made by Independent Fabrication in New Hampshire, was built at NYC Velo.

This bike: $4,500

4. Connected pedal

Switching to this pedal adds automatic GPS, anti-theft measures, and activity tracking to any bike. Bonus: It recharges itself as it moves; no plugging in required.


5. Cambium C15 Carved Saddle

A modern look from the most venerated name in bike saddles. It has an ergonomic cutout to increase comfort on long rides.


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Moncler Chateaudun Jacket


There’s no blending into the crowd in this showstopper of a puffer jacket, trimmed with exotic fur and guaranteed to turn heads, whatever the weather.


Valextra Zaino Isis Backpack

1215 FORTUNE GIFT GUIDE MICHELE TAYLOR Valextra Zaino Isis backpackPhotograph by Brian Henn

No grade-school flashbacks here: The sculptural lines of this minimalist bag are the height of Milanese chic.


Christophe Fenwick Le Mans Classic Gloves

1215 FORTUNE GIFT GUIDE MICHELE TAYLOR Christophe Fenwick Le Mans Classic GlovesPhotograph by Brian Henn

Keep him cozy in cashmere and kidskin with these gloves handcrafted in Italy. Designer Christophe Fenwick draws on his lifelong love of classic motorcycles and sports cars to inspire this retro-looking line.


Drink Rocks

1215 FORTUNE GIFT GUIDE = Areaware Drinks RocksPhotograph by Brian Henn

A new shape for the classic nondiluting drink rock. Chill the marble and soapstone pieces in the freezer to keep that mescal cold to the bottom of the glass.


Antidote Chocolates

1215 FORTUNE GIFT GUIDE MICHELE TAYLOR Antidote ChocolatePhotograph by J Muckle

Can chocolate count as health food? Anti-dote certainly tries, combining the anti-oxidant power of raw cacao with exotic flavor blends like coffee cardamom. Healthy? Maybe. But certainly a new take on indulgence.

$7 per bar

Chelsea Miller Chef’s Knife

1215 FORTUNE GIFT GUIDE MICHELE TAYLOR Chelsea Miller Chef’s KnifePhotograph by Brian Henn

Vermont-raised Miller repurposes materials from her family farm to craft distinctive kitchen tools cum objets d’art.


El Jolgorio Mezcal Pechuga

1215 FORTUNE GIFT GUIDE El Jolgorio Mezcal PechugaPhotograph by Brian Henn

This exceptional, unusual-tasting mescal is crafted by a master distiller in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Flatiron Wines and Spirits, 212-477-1315

Juicepresso Platinum

1215 FORTUNE GIFT GUIDE MICHELE TAYLOR Juicepresso Platiunum JuicerPhotograph by J Muckle

A patented one-piece extraction system makes it easy to enjoy cold-press juices, then chuck the messy parts right in the dishwasher.


Devialet Phantom Speaker

1215 FORTUNE GIFT GUIDE MICHELE TAYLOR Devialet Phantom SpeakerPhotograph by Brian Henn

Packed with patented technologies, these sleek podlike speakers (Bluetooth- and Wi-Fi-enabled, of course) combine digital and analog amplification with high-pressure woofers for powerful sound without distortion.


Star Wars Hologram

1215 FORTUNE GIFT GUIDE Star Wars HologramPhotograph by Brian Henn

Celebrate the new Star Wars movie the geekiest yet most appropriate way, with a licensed hologram of favorite moments from a galaxy far, far away. (We think R2-D2 projecting Princess Leia’s cry for help is deliciously meta.)


Skully AR-1 Motorcycle Helmet

1215 FORTUNE GIFT GUIDE MICHELE TAYLOR Skully Ar-1 Motorcycle HelmetPhotograph by Brian Henn

A 180-degree blind-spot camera and see-through heads-up display make for a safer ride, Bluetooth connectivity to the smart sound system keeps it entertaining, and the killer design provides futuristic superhero looks: What’s not to like?


Torque t096z Headphones

1215 FORTUNE GIFT GUIDE MICHELE TAYLOR Torque T096Z HeadphonesPhotograph by J Muckle

Perfect for the ardent audiophile who appreciates a wide range of musical styles, these customizable earbuds come with six interchangeable “Torquevalves” to optimize sound quality for everything from jazz to hip-hop.


360fly Camera

1215 FORTUNE GIFT GUIDE MICHELE TAYLOR 360 Fly CameraPhotograph by Brian Henn

Water- and dirt-proof, this little camera captures 360-degree video and makes sharing the results fast and easy.



1215 FORTUNE GIFT GUIDE FluidstancePhotograph by Brian Henn

Standing-desk enthusiasts will relish this balance board. Crafted from bamboo and recycled military-grade aluminum, it’s designed to keep them in constant (but barely noticeable) motion while they work.


A version of this article appears in the December 1, 2015 issue of Fortune with the headline “2015 Gift Guide: Smart Picks for All Types.”