Simon Business School launching a new online master’s degree in business analytics for managers

BY Meghan MalasJanuary 25, 2022, 2:58 PM
Students during a class at Gleason Hall of the Simon Business School at the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York, as seen in September 2021. (Photographer: Libby March—Bloomberg/Getty Images)

The University of Rochester’s Simon Business School is launching a new master’s of science degree program in business analytics, specifically geared toward mid-career managers. The new program is an effort to keep up with the growing demand for analytics-savvy business leaders, and will focus on giving students the technical and managerial skills they need to navigate the ever-changing big data landscape.

The program will provide an analytics curriculum for a more experienced group of students, seeking to effectively bridge the gap between analytics and leadership, according to Mitchell Lovett, an associate professor of marketing and senior associate dean of education and innovation at the Simon Business School. The business analytics program is also the latest addition to Simon’s lineup of STEM-oriented master’s degree programs, which include a full-time MBA and full-time master’s of science programs in accountancy, finance, business analytics, and marketing.

A manager-focused program also reflects the growing demand for employees who have a background in analytics—and managers who can lead these professionals by connecting analytics with their overall business practice, Lovett notes. Simon’s new program won’t have a “factory feel,” Lovett says, adding that it will be hands-on, and classes will meet at the same time online for lectures. “We’re expecting to form a small tight-knit community within each cohort.”

New class in the business analytics program to begin in August

Simon is accepting applications now for the first class that will begin in August 2022. The 14-month online program includes three in-person visits; during the first, students can connect with their teams and instructors, the second focuses on the leadership components of the program and how the material learned in class ties into business practice, and the final visit consists of capstone project presentations and opportunities for students to reconnect with other members of their cohort. These visits are expected to take place at the University of Rochester campus.

The data analytics program was created for professionals with about three to 15 years of experience who want to become data-driven leaders and don’t want to pause their careers, Mitch says. It integrates communications and leadership components with course content so program graduates are ready to communicate and lead with data.

Students will also be able to use analytics tools in real-time as they learn how to apply them in managerial situations. Strategy is also a focal point of the program. Professors will provide students with perspectives on how business analytics, technology, policy, and ethics can intermingle.

“Businesses today need managers who can harness the power of analytics to make data-informed decisions, manage risks and increase efficiencies,” Sevin Yeltekin, dean of the Simon Business School, said in a press release announcing the new program. “This program will teach managers how best to evaluate investments in analytics, determine which tools and data are most critical, and leverage the results to support company goals and add value to their organization.”

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