With 2 horrific mass shootings 10 days apart, here’s how you can help affected communities

In less than two weeks, the public has been rocked by two displays of mass violence. One was a result of white supremacy, when 10 people were killed and 3 were wounded on May 14 by a shooter targeting Black people in Buffalo, New York. Just 10 days later, a school in Uvalde, Texas, became the site of the second-deadliest school shooting in U.S. history. At least 19 children and 2 teachers were murdered.

Americans are both shocked and sadly numbed by so many mass shootings, and some are surely asking what they can do to help. Fortune has collected a list of fundraisers you can patronize to support the victims and the communities that have lost loved ones during this difficult month.

Donate to the families 

A Verified Hub by GoFundMe was made for the families and individuals affected by the mass shooting in Buffalo, New York. As of May 25, these fundraisers are featured:

  • Victim Margus D Morrison’s Family and Children: Margus D Morrison, age 52, was a father of three and a bus aide with Buffalo Public Schools. His stepdaughter remembers him as a cook with a good sense of humor; he was shot while buying groceries for a weekly movie night with his wife and daughter. His wife of over 25 years made this fund.
  • Funds for the family of Deacon Hayward Patterson: The 67-year-old, Heyward Patterson was helping someone load their groceries when he was killed, according to grandniece Teniqua Clark. This fund describes Patterson as a man devoted to his church, family, and community. Daemen University, Patterson’s alma mater, is raising money to support Patterson’s family. 
  • Funds for Andre Mackniel’s family: This fundraiser is dedicated to Andre Mackniel, age 53, who died getting a birthday cake for his 3-year-old son. He is remembered as a genuine, sweet and kind man by his fiancee Tracey Maciulewicz. This fund is asking for help with childcare costs, family expenses, and general assistance for his surviving fiancee and child.
  • Funds for Aaron Salter Jr’s family: The late Salter spent a 30-year career as a Buffalo police officer who died while trying to stop the shooter. He was a car guy, who loved his refurbished 1967 Cadillac Coupe DeVille, which he wanted to pass down to his son one day. He is survived by his wife and three children.
  • Fund for the survivors of the shooting: Made for Lamont Thomas, Julie Harwell, and their 8-year-old daughter Londin, this fund will go to helping the family that survived the shooting but is now dealing with mental-health issues. Struggling before the tragedy as well, they are looking for help in getting a home.
  • GoFundMe has also highlighted a fundraiser dedicated to all families affected by the shooting in Buffalo. The Buffalo Survivors fund, created in partnership with Tops and National Compassion Fund, is dedicated to giving direct support and cash assistance to survivors of the deceased.

GoFundMe has created a Verified Hub for families and individuals affected by the Uvalde School Shooting. As of May 25, the following fundraisers are highlighted in the hub:

  • Please help us put our Xavier to rest: Created in the memory of Xavier Javier Lopez, age 10, by Lopez’s family. Before this past Tuesday, Lopez was known as a bubbly child who loved to dance and swim. The fundraiser has been made for Lopez’s funeral expenses.
  • GoFundMe has also included grassroots funds that have been made to support the families of Robb Elementary School. Los Verdes Supporter Group has a fundraiser whose profits they ensure will go  directly to victims’ families and those affected. VictimsFirst (an organization of families of survivors and those who have died from mass shootings) has also organized a petition that will go solely and directly to victims of the shooting in Uvalde.

Donate to communities


BuffaloTogether Community Response Fund: a coalition of local philanthropic organizations, is currently accepting donations. This group is working with their community to address the needs in rebuilding, and focus on issues that have marginalized communities of color. Donate here.

The Buffalo mass shooting put issues of food disparity on display, as NPR reporter Laurel Wamsley pointed out. The grocery store at the site of the mass shooting was something that locals had to fight to get. It became a treasured institution, as Tommy McClam, resident of Buffalo told NPR, “it was the village watering hole.” 

  • FeedMore WNY continues to address issues of food insecurity in Buffalo and has an emergency response fund created for disturbing food and donations to those in need after the shooting.
  • Buffalo Go Green: created to give address issues of food disparity and food desserts n Buffalo, this nonprofit is looking for donations.
  • Buffalo Community Fridges: this coalition of volunteer-led community fridges is accepting help from restaurants and individuals looking to make donations. They prefer in-person volunteering over monetary donations.


Donate blood: University Health System, a public hospital and largest blood transfuser in the San Antonio area, is asking local individuals to donate blood. NPR reports that many online appointments are booked through the month. But South Texas Blood & Tissue is holding an emergency blood drive today and on Memorial Day.

The San Antonio Legal Services Association: Attorneys and lawyers can help by assisting this organization in providing legal services to Uvalde shooting victims. The companies’ Facebook post tells individuals to reach out to UvaldeResponse@sa-lsa.org.

Donate to organizations fighting systemic issues

Racial Justice Organizations

The Buffalo mass shooting was a tragedy tied to the U.S.’s long history of white supremacy. These are some racial justice organizations that combat and untangle the bias baked into the nation and Buffalo itself.

Black Love Resists in the Rust: founded in 2017, this is an abolitionist organization whose mission is “to create a City of Buffalo and State of New York void of white supremacy, cis-hetero-patriarchy and capitalism.” They are accepting donations and have partnered with Colored Girls Bike Too to give food support and mental-health services.

Race Forward: this nonprofit organization seeks to advance issues of racial justice, its vision is a “just, multiracial, democratic society, free from oppression and exploitation, in which people of color thrive with power and purpose.” They are accepting donations.

Organizations for Teachers

This part of the education sector particularly struggled with stress and burnout during the pandemic, and continues to be on the frontline of mass shootings. Being ready to save a child’s life at a moment’s notice is not part of a teacher’s job description, but it can be part of their reality if they work in the U.S. 

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Learning for Justice has published a letter to teachers that might provide some consolation and is set to host a webinar understanding how trauma impacts relationships.

Donors Choose: If you want to support a teacher in your life or in the nation, this organization makes it easy. Dedicated to addressing economic and racial inequity in school funding, donors are able to find a specific classroom project to donate to. Learn more about specific requests to donate to here.

Gun Violence Prevention

Gun violence in the U.S. has become tragically normalized. After mass shootings there is a chorus of “thoughts and prayers,” which have yet to change the fact that there are more guns than people in the U.S. and some extremely permissive state laws that allow these tragedies to continue. Here are some organizations advocating for the end of gun violence.

Sandy Hook Promise: This year marks the 10-year anniversary of the tragedy at Sandy Hook, which is brought to mind today as the shooting in Texas has been named the deadliest elementary school shooting in the nation since then. Created by the family members of victims in Sandy Hook, this organization is accepting donations to prevent school shootings and gun violence. 

Violence Policy Center: This nonprofit is committed to using a research-based approach to addressing gun violence in America and educating individuals about institutional structures that enable daily mass violence. They are continuing to accept donations during this time.

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