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Florida sees new COVID cases drop by 47% in the past two weeks

September 16, 2021, 9:30 PM UTC

Florida saw a decrease of about 47% in new COVID cases in the past two weeks, the largest drop in the United States, according to a Fortune analysis of New York Times data.

It was some welcome relief for the state, which has been a COVID hotspot, with a daily average of 12,192 cases as of Sept. 15—the second highest number after Texas.

When it comes to the share of the population with COVID, Florida is now in the middle of the pack, with an average of 51.3 daily cases per 100,000 people. States such as West Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky are fairing far worse—averaging at or near 100 daily cases per 100,000, according to a Fortune analysis of New York Times data.

COVID-related deaths have been falling steadily in Florida since the state experienced its deadliest month for COVID deaths in August. Florida reported at least 7,622 deaths related to COVID-19 in August.

Along with a decline in cases recently, Florida has also seen an uptick in vaccinations. The state saw an increase of 4.3% in the number of people getting vaccinated in the last two weeks, according to a Fortune analysis of CDC data.

As of Thursday, 64% of people 12 years and older who are eligible had been fully vaccinated and 75% had gotten at least one dose, according to the New York Times. That’s slightly above the nation as a whole, in which 63% of people had been fully vaccinated and 74.1% had received one dose, according to CDC data.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, although vaccinated himself, has emphasized that immunization is a personal choice and bashed President Biden’s vaccine push in a press conference earlier this week. The governor banned mask mandates in the state through executive order in July, although a state judge recently ruled that Florida schools can require them.

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