Janet Jackson Is the Latest Mega-Artist With a Las Vegas Residency

February 26, 2019, 6:08 PM UTC

The Rhythm Nation has a new capital city.

Janet Jackson has announced plans for a Las Vegas residency starting May 17 at the Park Theater at the Park MGM resort. Her “Metamorphosis” show will be the latest in a string of high-profile residencies at the venue. Other artists include Britney Spears, Cher, and Lady Gaga.

“’Metamorphosis’ peels back the layers of the immensely private life of Janet Jackson, sharing her transformation from a young girl with issues of self-esteem to global icon,” the announcement of the show read. Tickets will start at $79 and go much, much higher for some seats.

Global icons that command that much per ticket can earn a substantial amount for a Vegas residency. MGM didn’t comment on what Jackson will earn for her 15 shows between May 18 and Aug. 10, but it’s likely on par with some of the other big acts playing there, which have also included Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Gaga is said to be earning as much as $1 million per show, in a deal worth nearly $100 million. Spears’ take, similarly, wasn’t released, but her previous residency at the Planet Hollywood resort earned her $140 million over four years and 250 performances (an average of $560,000 per show).

Las Vegas residencies help keep artists at the front of people’s minds and are big draws for millennials in Las Vegas. In Jackson’s case, it not only lets long time fans reconnect with her, it’s a chance to attract a new audience as she prepares to release a new album later this year.