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These Are the Most Engaging Accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Facebook Announced Plans To Integrate WhatsApp, Instagram And Messenger : IllustrationFacebook Announced Plans To Integrate WhatsApp, Instagram And Messenger : Illustration
The logos of the messaging applications, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger and Facebook are displayed on the screen of an Apple iPhone.Chesnot Getty Images

Hong Kong-based viral meme publisher 9Gag is the most engaging account across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, according to new data from media-tracking company CrowdTangle.

9Gag’s Instagram account had the top number of interactions over the three-month period studied, with over 812 million likes and comments. On Twitter, President Donald Trump’s account took the lead with nearly 104 million likes and retweets, and on Facebook, British viral content publisher LADbible topped the chart with 121 million reactions, comments, and shares.

Other top Instagram accounts include Kylie Jenner (662 million interactions), Dutch-owned soccer account 433 (568 million interactions), Ariana Grande (nearly 558 million interactions), and the NBA (nearly 495 million interactions).

On Twitter, Trump’s account is followed by Ariana Grande (nearly 102 million interactions), sports publisher Bleacher Report (nearly 50 million interactions), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (nearly 37 million interactions), and conservative activist Charlie Kirk (24 million interactions).

Facebook’s most engaging accounts are mostly viral content publishers. In terms of interactions, LADbible is followed by the Brazil-based Cifras (115 million interactions), LADbible subsidiary UNILAD (114 million interactions), women’s lifestyle company (nearly 93 million interactions), and Todo Imagenes, an account by Spanish language women’s publisher Ohmirevista (nearly 87 million interactions).

The data, shared by Axios Tuesday, shows that Instagram is the most engaging of the three social media platforms, despite having the fewest monthly active users.

Popular among “influencers” who usually share certain lifestyle aesthetics, Instagram’s top 10 accounts obtained 4.8 billion interactions between Nov. 17 and Feb. 17 (the period analyzed by CrowdTangle), Axios reports. This dwarfs both Facebook’s 922 million and Twitter’s 398 million.