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Rams Fan Loses Nearly $4 Million in Super Bowl Bets

The lackluster 2019 Super Bowl cost a lot of people a few hours. But for one Las Vegas high-roller it cost $4 million.

The anonymous gambler, known as Bettor X, laid down $3.8 million on the Los Angeles Rams at a trio of Vegas casinos and lost it all when Tom Brady and the New England Patriots squeaked out a victory.

Stakes that high can result in some pretty substantial payouts. Had the Rams won, Bettor X would have pocketed more than $4.5 million.

And, while that person lost more money in a single night than many Americans will ever earn, they can probably afford it. Last year, he or she put down a bundle on the Philadelphia Eagles and won an estimated $10 million or more.

Bettor X spread out their wagers. The MGM Grand booked $2 million in bets, while William Hill, the country’s largest sports betting operation, covered (and collected) $1.5 million. South Point got the smaller, but hardly insignificant $300,000 wager.

Bettor X was hardly the only person risking cash on Super Bowl LIII. A Jeff Bezos-funded app called Tally allowed people to make 16 prop bets, or side bets, on the game. Oddsmakers were predicting the Rams would win the game. Even superstar chefs from the respective cities had a friendly wager going, which will result in New England chowder being served on the West coast for the next month.

Bettor X’s loss is small compared to the Super Bowl effect on employers, though. Companies will lose $500 million in productivity today thanks to the game.