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Vermont May Be the Nation’s Biggest Fan of Thanksgiving

We all need a little help in the kitchen when it comes to Thanksgiving. And increasingly, we’re turning to YouTube for tutorials on new dishes to try or reminders on how best to prepare certain items.

As the feast approaches, Google-owned YouTube has assembled a list of which foods are most popular in each state, as judged by search interest. And while the numbers vary by menu item, Vermont seems to be the most interested state when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner overall.

The Green Mountain State is the second most interested in turkey (West Virginia takes top honors) and fourth most interested in stuffing (New Hampshire leads that category). It’s also the top state searching for pie, apple pie, and pecan pie.

In fairness, the state does fall short in some categories. Vermont is bafflingly dead last in search interest when it comes to mashed potatoes (Alaska, curiously enough, tops that list) and 48th in cranberry sauce (which Alaska also tops).

As far as the main course goes, people in Nevada are either really confident about their turkey skills or are less interested than the rest of the nation, ranking 50th. (YouTube says searches for “how to carve a turkey” are up more than 60% nationwide in the past year.)

Regardless of where you’re located, if you’re looking for some help in the kitchen, there’s plenty to search on YouTube. The site says it currently hosts some 4 million recipe videos.