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2 New Polls Show Trump’s Approval Slumping, Even as Americans Applaud Economy

As economic and jobs growth continues to barrel ahead, two polls released Monday show the low esteem in which President Donald Trump appears to be held by a majority of Americans, even as respondents score the economy positively.

CNN’s monthly poll found a sharp drop off in approval ratings since the previous survey in August. But independent support took a cliff dive, with approval dropping from 47% to 31%. Independent voters’ view of Trump may play a key role in the coming midterm elections, with key races in the House, Senate, and for governorships in dead heats or with a spread of a few points.

Quinnipiac University also released its latest monthly poll today, showing less variance since it was last conducted a month ago. The university’s National Poll surveyed 1,038 voters during the same period as CNN, and saw 54% disapproval of how Trump handled his job, and 38% approval with +/-3.7% margin of error. A month previous, 54% of those surveyed disapproved and 41% approved. Among Republicans, Quinnipiac found 83% approve of Trump’s performance.

Of the total 1,003 adults surveyed by CNN’s polling partner SSRS from Sept. 6 to 9, 58% disapproved of the way Trump handles his job as president up from 53% in August, while 36% approve, a drop from 42% in August. The margin of error is +/-3.8%.

However, 82% of those who identified as Republican approve of the president’s job handling, and 68% of those who call themselves conservative gave a thumbs up.

Asked to rate economic conditions in America, 69% of CNN poll respondents said very good or good, while 70% of the Quinnipiac poll’s subjects said excellent or good.

Yesterday, Gallup released its regular weekly polling update, which placed Trump’s approval rating at nearly the same: 54% approve and 40% disapprove. Gallup polls 1,500 adults, and has an error rate of +/-3%. A month prior, the numbers were 56% and 39%.