This Company Offers Fur-ternity Leave for New Pet Parents

August 20, 2018, 5:03 PM UTC

A number of new parents are still fighting for adequate maternity and paternity leave in the United States, but one Minnesota company is taking things a step further by offering fur-ternity leave to its employees. It’s exactly what it sounds like: leave from the office for new pet owners.

Unlike leave for new human babies, parents at the digital marketing company Nina Hale that take fur-ternity leave still have to work during it, but they’re able to complete their work at home so they can help their furball adjust to its new surroundings.

The leave is inspired by one of the company’s senior account managers, who adopted a new puppy earlier this year and approached his supervisor to ask about work from home opportunities while the puppy was getting used to its new home, Fox 8 Cleveland reports.

As for why it decided to implement the policy, a company spokesperson said that the perk was just “another step in helping employees start their families,” even if those families are made up of fur babies rather than human ones.