The Macallan Unveils a 72-Year-Old Scotch, Its Oldest Whisky Ever Released

June 4, 2018, 7:27 PM UTC

The Macallan introduced the oldest whisky ever released by the distillery Monday. The 72-year-old limited edition scotch that will be sold in a Lalique crystal decanter to commemorate the opening of Macallan’s new distillery.

Distilled in the 1940s, the whisky “delivers surprise and delight with aromas of fruit followed by distinctive hints of peat, all the way through to the back of the mouth where it is finished off with a lingering hint of rich fruit and oak,” according to the distillery. For some perspective: when this one was put into barrels we were in the middle of World War II.

“The Macallan 72 Years Old is an incredibly rare single malt defined by years of dedication and craftsmanship,” Nick Savage, Macallan’s Master Distiller said in a statement. “Although delicate throughout all aspects, it provides an intense experience which acknowledges the distinguished history of The Macallan.”

Its bottle is made by long-time Macallan partner Lalique, and was inspired by the distillery’s new space-age design. It’s sold in a presentation case designed by Burgess Studio which is inspired by the interior of the distillery.

The Macallan 72 Years Old will be available globally starting in September in 750ml decanters. The super-rare spirit will be limited to 600 bottles nationwide (just 156 of which will make their way to the U.S.) and will retail for an estimated price of $65,000.

While that might sound like a lot, the whisky is all but guaranteed to increase in value. Last month, a rare 60-year old bottle of Macallan released in the 80s sold for $1.1 million, making a single shot come in at a price of $65,062.