Sorry Folks, No More Emotional Support Goats on Alaska Airlines

April 25, 2018, 2:49 PM UTC
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Sandy Huffaker—Getty Images

If you’re planning to take a trip with your emotional support goat, salamander, or hedgehog on Alaska Airlines, you’re going to need to travel by May 1.

The airline has updated its policy on emotional support animals, banning amphibians and animals with hooves, tusks, or horns. Not banned? Miniature horses that are “trained to behave appropriately” (presumably that means not kicking the seat in front of them or leaning their seat all the way back for the duration of the flight).

The carrier will also require anyone flying with an emotional support animal to provide a signed document from their medical professional along with health and behavior documents for their four-legged friend after Apr. 30.

Alaska Airlines, which recently completed absorbing the Virgin America brand, isn’t the first to implement stricter requirements for passengers who want to bring an animal on board. Delta changed its policies in January. And United followed suit in February, after a woman tried to board with a peacock.

Certified service animals, such as seeing-eye dogs, are not affected by the new policy. And emotional support dogs and cats are welcome, as long as they have been properly trained.

Spiders and snakes, though? That’s a big ol’ nope.