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Godiva Made a $7,000 Chocolate Easter Egg. Take a Look

Easter eggs, both edible and huntable, are staples of Easter traditions, but Godiva’s chocolate Easter egg takes it up a notch.

This chocolate Easter egg, created by Godiva creative development chef Cherish Finden, is the most expensive ever made by the chocolate company at £5,000 ($7,008). Godiva’s lavish chocolate egg is made of edible gold dust and white chocolate pearls, according to The Independent.

Finden and her team took nearly 200 hours to complete the Belgian dark chocolate egg, and it weighs just over 55 pounds, according to the report. And if the crazy Godiva creation seems fit for royalty, that’s because it is.

“For the design, I took inspiration from Godiva’s links with Belgian royalty. It’s also a big year for the British royal family, so I felt a regal theme was an apt choice,” Finden told The Independent.

The giant Easter egg, along with the five smaller ones around it, are currently on display at Godiva’s central London location, The Independent reported.