Las Vegas Airport Installs ‘Amnesty Boxes’ For Discarding Marijuana

February 23, 2018, 7:25 PM UTC

It’s legal to smoke all the marijuana you want while you’re in Las Vegas. However, when it’s time to return home —at least by air—you must leave any leftover cannabis behind.

Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport is making that a little easier with the addition of 10 green “amnesty boxes” for drugs at its facilities. The boxes were installed last week after a county ban went into effect in September barring marijuana possession or pot advertising in the airport, USA Today reports, in keeping with pre-existing federal law.

The hope is that passengers will use the boxes to dispose of weed and other “prescription and recreational drugs” before they go through security at the airport and TSA finds the stash.

And if that box looks perfect to steal to get some free drugs, the airport has already thought of that: the bins are bolted to the cement.