USPS to Issue a Mister Rogers Stamp

February 7, 2018, 2:44 PM UTC

Mr. McFeely will start seeing a familiar face as he delivers mail around the neighborhood.

The U.S. Postal Service plans to issue a stamp featuring Mr. Rogers, the children’s television star that taught manners, calmness, and understanding to several generations.

The forever stamp, which will feature Fred Rogers and the show’s most visible puppet King Friday, will be unveiled on Mar. 23 at the Fred Rogers studio in Pittsburgh, where the show was filmed.

First distributed in 1968, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood made an icon of its cardigan sweater and sneaker wearing star. Rogers, along with his supporting cast of puppets, McFeely (the local postman), and guest stars, taught children the importance of kindness, curiosity, and the importance of loving themselves and others.


Mister Rogers Stamp 2018
A postage stamp featuring Fred Rogers from the PBS children’s television series “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” with his King Friday XIII puppet. The U.S. Postal Service plans to issue a new stamp on March 23 in the same Pittsburgh public television station where the program was produced.USPS—AP/REX/Shutterstock


With songs like “It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” and “It’s Such a Good Feeling,” it captured the imagination of children and ran for more than 30 years. Earlier this month, TriStar pictures announced plans for a forthcoming Mister Rogers movie, which will star Tom Hanks.

Rogers died in 2003 at the age of 74 of stomach cancer.