Trump Campaign Says Donor Names Will Flash During Livestream of State of the Union Speech

January 30, 2018, 10:12 AM UTC

The Trump campaign wants to put donor names in lights, so to speak.

In the latest reminder that it’s never too soon to start campaigning for reelection, President Donald Trump’s camp sent out a fundraising solicitation on Monday: pay at least $35 and your name will appear on the campaign’s livestream of the State of the Union address Tuesday night.

The solicitation reads: “This is a movement. It’s not about just one of us. It’s about ALL of us. Which is why your name deserves to be displayed during Tuesday night’s speech.” It invites donors to choose how much money to give—ranging from the minimum of $35, to a maximum of $2,700, which is the limit allowed per election.

The text message version of the solicitation adds another message: “Enough of the Fake News Media. It’s time for them to hear from the AMERICAN PEOPLE.”

This isn’t the first time Trump has promised to put donor names on the big screen. During the GOP convention, Trump’s campaign had a “Your Name on a Jumbotron” offer for those who donated $50 or more.

The State of the Union is scheduled for 9 p.m. EST on Tuesday.