What’s Your New Bracket Under the GOP Tax Bill? Find Out Here

December 20, 2017, 3:32 PM UTC

With the Republican Party’s tax bill all but certain to become law (it will head to President Donald Trump’s desk after the House revotes on the bill Wednesday), many people are confused about where they stand in terms of tax brackets. Will they pay more, less, or the same come 2018?

New RateNew Income Bracket|Old RateOld Income Bracket
10%Up to $9,525|10%Up to $9,525
24%$82,500 – $157,500|28%$93,700-$195,450

That’s because the GOP tax bill, while it keeps the existing seven tax brackets, changes the rates and income levels people will have to pay, maintaining the baseline 10% as the lowest level, but cutting the high end from 39.6% to 37%.

Curious about your tax bracket? As always, it depends, in part, on how you file your income taxes.

If you’re single, here’s what your tax bracket looks like under the GOP tax bill, versus what you’re currently paying.

For married couples filing jointly, here’s how the proposed rates work out under the GOP tax bill:

Married, but filing separately? This is how things will look for you:

Finally, for heads of households, here’s a look at how the changes impact them.