You Can Fly With a Frozen Turkey

November 20, 2017, 5:12 PM UTC

Thanksgiving is upon us, which means it’s time to head out to visit family and friends. If you’re flying to that Thanksgiving get together, then you’re somewhat limited in what you can take aboard. While liquids like your world-famous gravy aren’t allowed on aircraft, the Daily Herald notes you can, in fact, carry a frozen turkey on board with you, although I’m not sure we’d recommend it.

Frozen birds are ok to fly, as are pies. Both might be subject to some additional screening if you decide to toss them in your carry on, and there’s always a chance that the TSA can decide to keep your bird grounded, so you might want to consider checking it instead.

Other travel trips from the Herald: If you’re traveling out of state make sure you know where you can potentially use your health insurance (it is flu season after all!), and if you or your children have food allergies, make sure you bring an auto-injectable epinephrine along with you. You never know when cross-contamination can happen, especially in someone’s home, and it’s good to be prepared.