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These Cute Puppies Want You to Enroll in Obamacare

Corgi puppyCorgi puppy

Would a puppy video make you want to buy health insurance? One Florida insurer definitely hopes so. Florida Blue, is using puppies in one of its latest ads with the hope that the adorable furballs will capture viewers attention long enough for them to convey information about signing up for health insurance.

Benefits Pro reports, this year the Trump administration cut the budget for advertising the Affordable Care Act plans by 90%, which means it’s going to harder than ever to get the word out about open enrollment.

The puppy commercial is meant to target Latino residents of Florida, a group the state has highlighted as one that needs additional outreach. Other states have focused on different groups. Arizona, for instance, is attempting to encourage more young, healthy people to sign up for plans so it can balance the expenses of sicker, older people.

So far, Florida is the only state to go the full puppy route.

“It’s hard to resist puppies, right? Let’s just be honest,” Penny Shaffer, Florida Blue’s South Florida regional market president told local TV station WLRN. Now the question is can puppies convince people to sign up for health insurance?