United Airlines Just Started the Longest Nonstop Flight From the United States

October 30, 2017, 12:26 PM UTC

United Airlines launched the longest nonstop flight to or from the U.S. Friday.

The flight, which was scheduled to run from Los Angeles International Airport to Singapore’s Changi Airport, covers a distance of about 8,700 miles (or about 7,560 nautical miles), according to United (UAL). The flight is expected to take between 15 hours and nearly 18 hours.

The airline first announced the flight in June. Roughly a year earlier, United announced the first flight between San Francisco and Singapore. That flight tallied 8,446 miles.

“Our commitment to our Los Angeles hub is more than 50 years strong and with today’s new Singapore service announcement, we continue to strengthen our position as the leading U.S. carrier to Asia,Dave Hilfman, United’s senior vice president of worldwide sales said at the time.

Based off of data from OAG, an airline data provider, the United flight between Los Angeles and Singapore is the third longest in the world by mileage in 2017.