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This British Startup Wants to Make Vaping Look Less Dorky

Vape pens have already started putting a dent in the number of people that smoke cigarettes each day, and now one company hopes that its new vape pen will kill smoking for good.

The vape pen is the creation of Ian Murison and Kaveh Memari. Wallpaper reports that the two bonded over their shared frustration with the state of e-cigarettes. While there are quite a few vape pens on the market today, most of them do a pretty poor job of recreating a “cigarette-like experience.”

For instance, many smokers will go outside for a single cigarette. When you have an e-cigarette, you can go on forever, sometimes smoking the equivalent of several cigarettes (or an entire pack) rather than just a single one.

Morison and Memari’s creation, called AYR (pronounced like air), resembles a pack of cigarettes with a single cigarette inside, loaded with the equivalent of one cigarette’s worth of vaping liquid. When you place the cigarette back in the case, it will automatically recharge itself and refill itself. That means you’re only getting the equivalent of a single cigarette when you pull it out, rather than a case.

One capsule for the package is good for 100 different sessions. They’ll also come in a number of different flavors and a number of different strengths of nicotine (including none) so a user can gradually decrease their dependence on nicotine over time.