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President Trump Tells French First Lady Brigitte Macron ‘You’re in Such Good Shape’

Like he’s done with many other women, President Donald Trump commented on the physical appearance of French President Emmanuel Macron’s wife Brigitte.

“You’re in such good shape,” Trump told the French First Lady. Then, appearing to turn to Macron, he remarks, “she’s in such good physical shape. Beautiful, isn’t she beautiful?”

Trump and his wife Melania are in France, and will attend the annual Bastille Day celebration on Friday. The exchange was captured on the livestream Macron broadcast from his official Facebook page, and the clip began making the rounds on social media.

Trump has a history of commenting on women’s appearances, both positively and negatively. During the 2016 presidential campaign, he criticized the facial features of his then-opponent Carly Fiorina. Earlier this month, he drew universal condemnation after tweeting that Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski had visited him at Mar-A-Lago while she was “bleeding badly from a face lift,” a charge she subsequently denied.

That same week, he singled out Ireland RTE’s U.S. Bureau Chief, Caitriona Perry, during an Oval Office phone call with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar. “She has a nice smile on her face, so I bet she treats you well,” he told Varadkar.