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Fans Want to Boycott ABC After It Canceled Tim Allen’s ‘Last Man Standing’

ABC's "Last Man Standing" - Season SixABC's "Last Man Standing" - Season Six
A scene from ABC's "Last Man Standing."Ron Tom ABC — Getty Images

People are not happy ABC canceled one of its highest-rated shows, Last Man Standing.

On Friday, the network canceled the show, which stars actor Tim Allen. While many fans believed the cancellation came as a result of the show’s politics, (Last Man Standing is a conservative-leaning show), ABC confirmed to Fox News that it was canceled because of scheduling issues.

But now, fans are fighting back: A petition to boycott ABC has emerged in response. It had more 30,000 signatures as of late Monday afternoon.

“The show is about more than politics though, it is about family. In fact, politics is only a secondary part of the show, but one in which many Americans can readily identify,” the petition reads. “Last Man Standing is one of the only shows on broadcast television, and the only sitcom, that is not constantly shoving liberal ideals down the throats of the viewers,” it reads. “And sadly, that is likely the real reason the show has been cancelled.”

According to Fox, the show is ABC’s second-highest performer, garnering 1.8 million views this season. It was also the network’s third most-watched series, following just behind Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family.