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A ‘Lost Decade?’ American Tourism Is Worried About Life in the Donald Trump Era

The tourism industry dubbed the decade following the Sept. 11 terror attacks the “lost decade” for the strong drop off in visitors from other countries.

Now, the $250 billion industry is concerned that President Donald Trump will inspire a similar decline, Bloomberg reports. Though tourism to the U.S. isn’t likely to fall as steeply as it did then, Trump’s protectionist stance on trade, immigration, and his overall rhetoric is expected to lead to a strong slump for the sector.

According to Tourism Economics, as cited by Bloomberg, international arrivals are expected to fall 4.3 million this year. That’s roughly $7.4 billion in lost revenue, and a particular hit to big city destinations like New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.

“We haven’t seen the big damage yet,” USTA’s chief executive officer Roger Dow told Bloomberg. “What we’re getting is the noise level.”