Tim Ferriss Is Ready for the Tech Bubble to Burst

December 27, 2016, 1:00 PM UTC

As 2016 drags to a close, the nagging question that has long plagued investors — “are we in a tech bubble?” — remains a popular point of discussion.

While you can find smart people to argue both sides, Tim Ferriss doesn’t equivocate. Not only does he think we’re in a bubble, he seems to actively want it to burst.

A quick background: Ferriss used to be an active angel investor. He’d picked some winners, too, including Uber, Facebook, and Alibaba. But he recently gave up investing because, he claims, the influx of venture capital created “fair-weather investors” and “fair-weather entrepreneurs.” The resulting feed frenzy generates “a lot of noise…the signal to noise ratio is very unfavorable.”

It now takes too much work to separate the real players from the opportunists, he says. And so his plan appears to be: sit back, wait for the bubble to burst, and see who survives.

“I will be back,” he says of investing. “I’ll wait until there is blood in the streets and only the die-hard will remain. Those are the people I want to bet on.”