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Hillary Clinton Is Eating Vegan Pizza Tonight

Hillary Clinton, Bill ClintonHillary Clinton, Bill Clinton
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and husband, former President Bill Clinton take the stage during a campaign rally in Raleigh, N.C., Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016. Gerry Broome—AP

Hillary Clinton was ensconced in a luxury Manhattan hotel suite Tuesday night, watching the returns with a close group of family members and campaign aides as she awaited word on whether she would become the first woman to serve as president.

As polls closed in many eastern states, Clinton and her Republican opponent Donald Trump each claimed a handful of states and their electoral votes. But the critical states that will determine the outcome of the election, including Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina, remained way too close to call.

Earlier in the day, Clinton voted at an elementary school near her suburban New York home with her husband, ex-President Bill Clinton. By Tuesday evening there was little left for her to do but watch, wait, and play with her grandchildren. The group snacked on salmon, roasted carrots, and fries—vegan pizza and crème brûlée for the former president. The Clintons also stepped away to work on her remarks for later in the night.