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Why Clinton Health Surprise Isn’t Hillary’s Watergate

It’s had a good run.

Adding “-gate” to the name of every scandal, and some not-so-scandalous events, to lend it overtones of Richard Nixon-esque wrongdoing has been a time-honored tradition for more than 40 years. From Nannygate to Nipplegate, we’ve slapped the suffix on just about any and every dustup that commands the public’s attention. Now, though, there’s clear evidence the construction has reached its apex and natural conclusion—another Watergate.

After it was reported, in the feverish speculation that followed Hillary Clinton’s near-fainting spell at a 9/11 memorial ceremony last weekend, that the candidate doesn’t drink water (even when she has pneumonia!) on the campaign trail, we’re back where we started—with our trust in public officials undermined, and a media that lacks creativity in naming scandals.