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Here Are the Fortune 500 Companies That Should Be Terrified of ‘Brexit’

Campaigners hold placards for 'Britain Stronger in Europe', the official 'Remain' campaign group seeking to avoid a Brexit.Photograph by Justin Tallis AFP/Getty Images

For Britain, a Brexit could me a currency crisis for the pound, a massive increase in the country’s trade deficit, and big ballooning of the country’s debt, not to mention a likely recession.

Across, though, if Britain were to leave the EU, it is unlikely it would be Brexigeddon for U.S. economy. The U.K. is the third largest generator of revenue for the S&P 500 among our trading partners, according to data provider FactSet. But it’s still pretty small. U.K. sales make up just 2.9% of the overall revenue of the S&P 500. Still, some Fortune 500 companies may not feel so proper if Britain leaves the EU.

Here’s a list of the companies in the Fortune 500 companies that would be the most affected if Brexit passes (All data from FactSet).

BlackRock (BLK)
Fortune 500 rank: 250
Revenue from U.K.: 21.6%

BlackRock Inc. Ahead of Earnings
Pedestrians walking with umbrellas pass by taxi in front of BlackRock Inc. offices in New York.Photograph by Scott Eells — Bloomberg via Getty Images
Photograph by Scott Eells — Bloomberg via Getty Images


Apache (APA)
Fortune Rank: 388
Revenue from U.K.: 20.1%

Texas Oil Companies Work To Adapt To Falling Oil Prices
The Patterson 298 natural gas fueled drilling rig drills on land in the Permian Basin that is owned by Apache Corporation on February 5, 2015 in Mentone, Texas.Photograph by Spencer Platt — Getty Images
Photograph by Spencer Platt — Getty Images


News Corp. (NWSA)
Fortune 500 rank: 327
Revenue from U.K.: 18.5%

The headquarters of News Corp. displays headlines that the c
The headquarters of News Corp., owner of Dow Jones, in New York.Photograph by Jin Lee — Bloomberg via Getty Images
Photograph by Jin Lee — Bloomberg via Getty Images


CBRE Group (CBG)
Fortune 500 rank: 259
Revenue from U.K.: 17.6%

The commercial real estate firm CBRE just opened it's new Workplace360 office for it's downtown Denver office.
DENVER, CO – APRIL 27: The commercial real estate firm CBRE just opened it’s new Workplace360 office for it’s downtown Denver office. It is a global initiative to enhance their office spaces for creativity for CBRE. Their office at 1225 17th Street in downtown Denver was photographed on Wednesday, April 27, 2016. Employees can sit in different desks in the many different locations around the office, which has tons of window light. (Photo by Cyrus McCrimmon/ The Denver Post)Cyrus McCrimmon Denver Post via Getty Images
Cyrus McCrimmon Denver Post via Getty Images

Update: This story is based on data from FactSet. An earlier version of this story listed Newmont Mining as generating a large percentage of its revenue from the U.K. The company says it does not get any of its sales from the U.K.