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Your Wait at the Airport Could Soon Be Shorter

Traveling for thanksgivingTraveling for thanksgiving
An American airportPhotograph by RJ Sangosti — Denver Post via Getty Images

The Transportation Security Administration is looking to to cut the amount of time you spend in the security line at the airport through adding more staff, both human and canine.

In recent months, lines at some airports at stretched to around two hours, reports the Wall Street Journal. The agency had already approved adding nearly 800 new agents, $42 million in overtime budget and the relocation of bomb-sniffing dogs to busy airports. Now the TSA is also looking to work with airlines to expedite security even more.

One step is to encourage more travelers to enroll in PreCheck, which lets vetted passengers move through the security line more quickly.


But some airlines think that unless the TSA gets a big bump in budget, there is no way it can deal long-term with the increase in air travel traffic.

“We need to look at solutions that are going to have significant impact, not stop-gap measure this summer,” said Jason Van Eaton, vice president of governmental affairs at Southwest Airlines (LUV) to the Journal.