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Watch Paul Allen’s Meme-Inspiring Reaction as Stephen Curry Crushes His Basketball Team

Paul Allen is many things: the co-founder of Microsoft (MSFT), the 45th richest person in the world, the owner of an NBA team and — an Internet meme.

The last two items just happen to be related. Last night, Allen watched Stephen Curry score a record-breaking 17 points in overtime against his team, the Portland Trail Blazers.

Allen wasn’t ready for the heartbreak of it all. His muscles seem to give out and his face goes slack in reaction to Curry’s shooting mastery. It’s a tableau of disbelief and quiet despair that promptly went viral.

Allen, of course, isn’t the only Microsoft exec to express himself courtside. Former CEO Steve Ballmer, who owns the Clippers, has built a second-career of sorts by going mental at NBA games.