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The Broadsheet: April 25th

Good morning, Broadsheet readers! Valentina (@valzarya) here this morning. Beyonce drops another bombshell, Mary Barra gets a major raise, and Kelly Ripa is coming back to work. Have a fantastic Monday.


Bey‘s bombshell. Beyonce’s getting good at surprises. On Saturday night, the singer debuted her sixth album, Lemonade, following her HBO special—a “visual album”—of the same name. Lemonade is about both Beyonce’s tumultuous marriage to rapper Jay-Z, and about “what lots of men have done to lots of women, black women in particular.” After being released exclusively on music-streaming platform Tidal, of which Beyonce is part owner, it is now available for purchase on iTunes. The short window of Lemonade‘s exclusivity reflects the conflicting pressures on the pop icon to manage her business interests while also reaching as wide an audience as possible for her music.


Divided donors. Donors to Emily’s List, a group whose aim is to elect pro-choice Democratic women into office, are divided over its super PAC’s spending. Some believe that the group should not pour resources into races in which a female candidate’s male opponent is also in favor of abortion rights—whereas others endorse spending for pro-choice women, no matter the opponent. WSJ

A Mega cool job. Dr. Jessica Mega, formerly a star cardiologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, left her job to go to Verily, Alphabet’s life-sciences division. Now, as the moonshot’s chief medical officer, she oversees all of Verily’s partnerships and projects, which include futuristic inventions like smart contact lenses that detect glucose levels in blood. Fortune

Making herstory. There are currently 20 women in the U.S. Senate, none of whom are women of color. Rep. Donna Edwards (D-MD), a former anti-domestic violence activist elected to the House in 2008, is hoping to change that. If elected, she would become the second African-American woman ever to serve. MSNBC

• Barra makes bank. Mary Barra’s 2015 compensation rose 72% from the prior year to $28.6 million. The General Motors CEO—and no. 1 on Fortune‘s list of Most Powerful Women—steered the automaker through a massive safety recall and costly litigation, while managing to make record profits. Fortune

• An abrasive advocate. Chamath Palihapitiya, one of the top venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, is also one of the loudest advocates of diversity—and most polarizing personalities—in tech. His firm, Social Capital, ranked 71 top venture firms by gender and ethnic makeup, effectively shaming many of his peers and ruffling quite a few feathers. WSJ

• Hollywood’s high-rollers. According to the latest Department of Labor reports, men held 40 of the 50 highest-paid Hollywood union posts in 2015. Arianna Ozzanto, SAG-AFTRA’s CFO, was the industry’s highest-paid female union official last year, and 13th highest-paid official overall. Deadline


Each week, Fortune asks our Insider Network — an online community of prominent people in business and beyond — for career and leadership advice. Here’s some of the best of what we heard last week.

Easy at 1-2-3. Renae Scott, CMO of Togo’s Eateries, has three tips for boosting the confidence of female employees.  Fortune

Bring it on. Jodi Goldstein, managing director of Harvard Innovation Labs, believes entrepreneurs should welcome new competition. Fortune

Forever a student. The best way to avoid boredom at work is to make sure you keep learning—even if that means doing so outside the office, writes Gloria Cordes Larson, president of Bentley University. Fortune


A world leader’s wisdom. Speaking at a Smart Women, Smart Power Initiative event last week, former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard urged women faced with sexism to “call it out early” when it happens, and if possible, to “have others call it out.”  Fortune

• Ripa returns. Kelly Ripa informed the staff of her morning show, Live! With Kelly and Michael, that she would return Tuesday, despite rumors to the contrary. New York Times

• Building her brand. Architect Anda Andrei is best-known for shaping the aesthetic of famed hotelier Ian Schrager’s high-profile properties, such as New York City’s Gramercy Park Hotel and Miami’s Delano. Now, Andrei has struck out on her own with a new firm and a slew of exciting new projects. Fortune

• BYO baby. A growing number of companies are offering employees the option of bringing their babies to work. MarketWatch

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