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How to Travel Like an A-Lister

It’s no secret that when it comes to travel, A-listers have it better than most of us. We’ve talked about mastering airport style and taking care of your skin mid-flight, but what about adding some overall celebrity-inspired glamour to your next trip? Thanks to the current generation of entrepreneurs looking to make our lives easier in well, every single way, there’s a plethora of services, products and apps out there to make traveling a much less stressful—and much more luxurious—experience.

Need a last-minute blow-dry before running from the terminal to your best friend’s wedding? Looking to get your green juice on at 40,000 feet for healthy, glowing skin? Whatever it is, there’s an abundance of travel hacks out there that can turn even the most mundane of travels into an A-list experience.

International Trainers

Many celebrities—especially models—have different trainers they see in various cities around the world. But the rest of us don’t often find ourselves visiting 15+ countries in a year, and we’re usually content with settling for the hotel’s gym. But recent years have shown that everyone loves a good class, be it Soul Cycle, Pure Barre or Pilates (sorry treadmill, but you don’t really cut it anymore.)

The Hack: Class Pass

While Class Pass has been gaining a widespread clientele since their launch in 2013, many members don’t know that you can use the app while traveling—and they’re currently active in five international and 29 U.S. cities. Class Pass memberships come with Flex, which allows you to book classes in any location they’re in. When traveling, simply select your Flex city under your account page. Once back home, you can switch right back to your default.

Green Juice on the Go

It seems like in almost every paparazzi shot of celebs on the go, they’re carrying some form of green juice or protein packed smoothie. That might have something to do with why their complexion always looks so flawless (bring on the eye rolls, but we all know the key to radiant skin is a healthy diet).

The Hack: 8G

For those of you looking to get that A-list glow on the go, there’s a product for that—and it’ll only set you back $12.50. 8G, which stands for eight greens (including spinach, wheatgrass, chlorella and kale) is a quarter sized supplement that dissolves into a cup of water, turning it into nutritious cup of juice—perfect for those who have trouble fitting in their daily recommended portion of green vegetables (which is, let’s face it, all of us). This carry-on friendly product—which counts Keri Russell and Helena Christensen as fans—is a globetrotter’s best friend.

City Specific Facialists

Celebrities make no secret about their love of a good facial. You’ll often find Hollywood stars dishing about their go-to facialists in Los Angeles, New York, London, and Paris. Unless you’re staying at a resort and spa, going out of your way to find a good facial (and trust us, that can be hard) is probably not on the top of your to-do list.

The Hack: The Ritualist

Lucky for those who love to indulge in a little bit of luxury—and wellbeing—there’s now an app for that. The Ritualist, which is currently available in New York City, brings a facialist right to your hotel room or home, where they’ll mix a customized formula (with all organic products!) based on your skin type. They’ll also bring their own table as well as candles and some relaxing music to get you into Zen-mode. The best part? At the end of your service, they’ll leave you with samples of the carefully curated products—including the candle.

For more on luxury, watch this Fortune video:

Popping Bottles Mid-Flight

Celebrities are often seen Instagramming their glamorous, champagne soaked flights—in private jets, nonetheless. While you can get a glass of bubbly on most airlines, the good stuff is often served to fliers up front.

The Hack: Petrossian Champagne and Caviar Bar at LAX

There are many frequent fliers out there who find having a proper drink (and meal) at the airport part of the traveling experience. For the luxury enthusiasts out there, Petrossian—a high-end and much-beloved café with locations in NYC and LA—has a champagne and caviar bar at LAX in the airport’s Tom Bradley International terminal. What really gets us excited about this location is that they offer a “caviar in the air” picnic basket to take on board with you. You’ll be the envy of the plane, too.

Personal Masseuses

Since celebs have no problem flying out their “glam squad,” (read: hair stylist and makeup artist), it should come as no surprise that having their personal masseuses on-call—or even up in the air with them—is quite common. Many celebrities, especially athletes, find traveling with a masseuse a necessary luxury.

The Hack: Zeel on demand

A common retort to the question “what would you do with a million dollars?” is often “I’d hire a personal masseuse.” Luckily, there’s no need for that thanks to the app Zeel, which offers on demand massages that can be booked the same day. The best part? They’ll come directly to your home or hotel room, massage table in tow. Right now, Zeel is available in a multitude of U.S. cities, including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Boston, Denver, Washington D.C. and San Diego.

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Have Your Own Glam Squad

Just like they love having their favorite hair pro by their side, makeup artists are just as important for celebs while traveling. Nobody wants to be on a plane in a full face of makeup, so it’s quite common for A-listers to bring their makeup artist up in the air for touchups (or, a completely new face) before landing so they can walk off the plane looking camera ready.

The Hack: Benefit Airport Kiosks / The GlamApp

Does anyone who’s not a celebrity have a makeup artist on call? We highly doubt it—but luckily, there are quite a few hacks for that. For those of you who are sick of curating a travel-friendly sized toiletry case—or have an innate fear of their favorite mascara getting thrown out at TSA check points—Benefit Cosmetics launched kiosks throughout most major U.S. airports where you can get your favorite travel-sized beauty products just feet from your gate. For those of you who want to take the A-list treatment up a notch, the popular Glam App brings beauty professionals right to your hotel room. Put on a plush white robe and pour yourself a glass of champagne while you sit back and get beautified.

Travel With Your Hair Pro

In the age of social media and incessant paparazzi, celebrities have more pressure than ever to look good when coming off the plane. Naturally, they usually fly out or travel with their preferred hair stylist, but buying an extra ticket to ensure your locks stay bouncy and fresh sounds a bit extravagant to the rest of us.

The Hack: WT GO at LaGuardia Airport

It’s not just the stars that need, or simply want to look good upon disembarking. What about those of us who have business meetings or family gatherings to go to? For those of you lucky enough to be flying in or out of LaGuardia Airport, you can now get a blow dry, haircut, and even a conditioning treatment at Warren-Tricomi’s quick-stop outpost, WT GO (located in Delta’s Terminal C). A celebrity favored salon, Warren-Tricomi paired up with Xpress Spa to offer travelers one of their signature luxurious services, so you can come off, or on, the plane looking and feeling your best. We have our fingers crossed that they’ll be opening more airport locations soon, so stay tuned.

VIP Airport Lounges

LAX made headlines last summer for revealing plans to open a celebrity-only airport suite, so it should come as no surprise that most A-listers are normally found waiting in various VIP suites. For those who’ve wondered why they’ve never spotted Jude Law waiting at one of Heathrow’s many gates, now you know why.

The Hack: Minute Suites

Since most people probably can’t gain access to the VIP lounges, Minute Suites offers private spaces for travelers to work, relax, and catch up on sleep. Recently the company—which was founded by doctors and health care professionals—expanded their initiative for traveling mothers looking to change their baby’s diapers for free of charge (up to 30 minutes). Rates start at $38 for an hour and go up to $140 for up to eight hours, meaning you can say goodbye to the dreaded six-hour layover. Locations currently available at Atlanta Hartsfield – Jackson, Philadelphia International and Dallas Forth Worth, with a second Dallas location arriving in 2016.

This piece was previously published on Travel + Leisure.