Starbucks Is Going to Sell Booze in Canada

April 4, 2016, 3:29 PM UTC

Canadians will soon be able to get an alcoholic beverage to go along with their latte at Starbucks, as the coffee giant is going to start selling wine, craft beer and cider in its Toronto locations.

“Many of the people who appreciate the quality in a nice cup of coffee are the same people that like a nice glass of wine, and appreciate all of the notes and the flavors and the heritage of wines,” said Rossann Williams, the president of Starbucks Canada, to the Financial Post.


In the US Starbucks launched “Starbucks Evenings” in 2010 as a way to expand their brand beyond coffee and into the nighttime dining game.

Like in the US, the Starbucks offering alcohol in Canada will also offer an expanded menu of gourmet food.

Canada could be the perfect market for this, the Financial Post notes — not only to Canadians drink more coffee than Americans, but they drink more wine as well.


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