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You Can Now Get Potato Chip Flavored Soda in Japan

The two great tastes that may (or may not) taste great togetherThe two great tastes that may (or may not) taste great together
The two great tastes that may (or may not) taste great togetherCourtesy of Namco

Potato chips and soda are two of the most beloved junk foods in the world. Someone at Japan-based beverage maker Kimura Drink thought so too, and decided, Why not put the two together?

And so it was.

Kimura Drink, which previously made eel-flavored cola, paired up with Japanese video game maker Namco to produce the potato-chip flavored soda, according to videogame blog Kotaku, citing Japanese language websites Game Impress Watch and Famitsu.

The soda will be made available exclusively as an arcade game prize in Japan starting Friday, and only for a limited time.

Kimura and Namco have paired up previously to create a variation of the recipe: cola-flavored chips, which reportedly taste like chips with cola poured on top, minus the sogginess factor.


Naturally, Twitter reacted to the news with a mix of confusion, disgust, and curiosity:

The news also brought back memories of worse times for some people’s taste buds:

Someone else also accidentally stumbled upon the idea a few years earlier:


Japan is not the only country to produce sodas based on solid, savory foods.

American company Lester’s has made flavors such as ranch dressing, sweet corn, and buffalo wings.