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This Brooklyn Apartment Building Has Its Own Slack Channel

A Slack screenshot.A Slack screenshot.
A Slack screenshot.Courtesy of Slack

A trendy apartment building in Brooklyn, N.Y. is offering its tenants a surprising feature as part of their monthly rent checks: Slack.

Common, which calls itself “a community of passionate and creative people who live, work, and play together,” is offering the service, as reported by Gothamist.

The apartments with Slack are currently in Crown Heights with a location soon opening in Williamsburg. A single bedroom ranges from $2250 to $3190 per month.

Per Gothamist:

This appears to be Common’s mission: to repackage the camaraderie of a freshman dorm room and the Friday night potluck at your college’s vegetarian food coop for financially independent adults. Common can even take away the hassle of deciding who you’ll be sharing your home with.

Brad Hargreaves, the CEO of Common, explained the thought process behind the shared living spaces and the decision to offer Slack to tenants. “This is a reaction to the shining glass tower where nobody knows their neighbors,” said Hargreaves to Gothamist.


“We use Slack for the entire building, and the members love it,” Hargreaves said of the Crown Heights complex. “Someone will say they are making pancakes [in the channel] on a Sunday morning, and people will show up and have their own impromptu breakfast.”